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Custom printed dye sublimated lanyards for full-color logos and text require a uniquely applied process to accurately create dye sublimated lanyards. Thermal printing technologies allow for the ink or "dye" to deeply penetrate the fibers of the dye sublimated lanyard while it is hot. When heated the fibers open up allowing for deep penetration of the dye. Once cooled, the fibers of the lanyard material shrink up tightly, sealing the pores for a highly detailed full-color look. In essence, if you want to produce high-quality lanyards for full color logos and text, you will find the greatest look and appeal in dye sublimated lanyards.

When choosing the attachments for your custom dye sublimated lanyard, do not miss the safety break-away lanyard attachments. These lanyards are designed for safety and are only one example from a multitude of custom dye sublimated lanyards that you can create.

Remember, we provide free artwork and unlimited revisions for each custom printed lanyard order.


Custom Printed Dye Sublimated Lanyard Pricing

Size 150 300 500 1000 2000 3000 5000
5/8" $3.02 $2.80 $2.28 $1.77 $1.56 $1.33 $1.08
3/4" $3.11 $2.88 $2.35 $1.84 $1.61 $1.39 $1.12
1" $3.16 $2.93 $2.43 $1.91 $1.69 $1.46 $1.20
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Custom Printed Lanyard Badge Reels and Badge Holders

Lanyard Badge Reels and Badge Holders are optional custom printed lanyard accessories, which can be purchased for your dye sublimated lanyards here. Many organizations require their staff to carry their identification in plain view. We offer custom printed dye sublimated lanyard badge reels and badge holders as well as so much more. Read more by clicking here.

Lanyard Badge Reels

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Badge Holders

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