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Custom Printed Lanyards at Affordable Prices - Shipped for Free! is the leading source for custom printed lanyards. We provide the largest selection utilizing the greatest variety of optional lanyard attachments so your custom lanyard will remain durable and stylish. Additionally, we produce high-quality customized lanyards, which are personalized to your very own design specifications. You provide the ideas and we do the artwork, providing you with a full color digital proof, allowing you to see your custom lanyard before it goes into production. Furthermore, we are completly dedicated and unwaivering when it comes to customer support. Our sales staff are trained and waiting to serve, so pick up that phone or use the Free Quote form because they are ready to take your order immediately.

Since lanyards are the most popular promotional items available, we customize them to satisfy all of your marketing, promotional and professional needs. We make lanyards for professionals and lanyards for laymen. There is such a wide and vast variety of custom lanyard attachments that we can confidently produce a custom lanyard for anyone.

As a factory direct supplier, we deliver high-quality custom printed lanyards, attachments and badge reels fast and at an affordable cost! We will not be undersold and offer a rock solid 100% price match guarantee.


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Lanyard Badge Reels and Badge Holders

Lanyard Badge Reels and Badge Holders are optional lanyard accessories that are sold here. Many organizations require their staff to carry the identification in plain view. We offer Lanyard badge reels and badge holders here at


Lanyards without the Hassle

The Do-It-Yourself form will allow you to place an order for a custom designed lanyard created right here on our website without a hassle. Simply click here to be taken to the D-I-Y Lanyard suite and create the most fantastic lanyard ever!